Mindsensors.com (formerly OpenElectrons) Bluetooth Module

Hi All,

I have a Mindsensors.com (formerlly OpenElectrons) Bluetooth Module that I have been using with Raspbian: Link

I now would like to use it with a RaspPi 2 and OSMC.

Does anybody use this with OSMC and does anybody have any tips about how to get it it working? Failling that can anybody recommend a good Bluetooth dongle that would allow me to stream to a bluetooth speaker?

Thanks all.


First of streaming audio is still in testing regarding bluetooth if i had to recommend a dongle out of the box i go with Asus bt400 dongle got one it works pretty well.

Thanks, I had seen that post and have managed to install it. However the Bluetooth module does nothing, thus the post.

I’ll have a look at that dongle.


We will have a Bluetooth dongle available via our store shortly.


Thanks @sam_nazarko . I might look at this down the line if you ship to Australia.

I’ve gone with a locally sourced $4 dongle for now. It connects but doesn’t output sound see: Link

I’m definitely looking forward to having Bluetooth streaming to speakers in OSMC at some stage down the line.



The store will reopen hopefully today or tomorrow. We ship to Australia and it usually takes 5 working days (but may take a little longer during this Christmas period).



@sam_nazarko, I’m getting invalid shipping and there’s no shipping options when I select Australia. Is there a way round this?

Hi Harold,

What are you trying to order?

If you create an account at https://store.osmc.tv/my-account and fill in your shipping address and send me a PM with your username, I can create an invoice for you.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


PM sent, thanks for the effort Sam

Thanks, I have resolved this issue. I will follow up with a PM