Minecraft server

Hi there,

My son asks for a minecraft server with our “hood” as the platform - I’ve followed this one, but needs Java

On Rasbian Java is default, but not on OSMC - I’ve tried several things, but can’t get it working - anyone with a good howto out there?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install default-jre

Wow - This forum is definitely growing on me :smiley:

Now with a minecraft server for my son - thanks

Hi. I ran a minecraft server on a PI some time ago and it’s really about fine tuning the settings, caching etc. It takes a bit of work to get the most performance.

I would recommend using this image.

It’s raspbian with an optimised minecraft server. No need to dig into the settings.

Another tip is to boot the os from an usb stick instead of the sd card. I found that I got faster write and read speeds. (reply if you want some help).

And only use the PI for minecraft. It will take all the cpu and ram it can get.

Happy mining!

Hi, Thanks alot - I’ll test it during the weekend and, if it’s all I need, I’ll purchase a secondary Raspberry for the minecraft server purpose :slight_smile: