Minor Customise home screen configuration menu issue

By way of background, I’m running 2018.12-1 with a lightly customised OSMC skin (by which I mean I removed the menu items I don’t use through the settings page a while ago). I wanted to make some changes to my home screen today, which is when I discovered that I now have to add a skin helper service addon to do these. Not sure whether that’s a Kodi or an OSMC change, but I only bring it up to provide the context that I set this up a while ago.

While my settings have survived in tact, the customisation menu itself has become a little garbled. Anything I had previously disabled now displays as:
[COLOR darkred] ☒/COLOR] Music

Don’t know if there’s a typo somewhere that’s causing it, but I thought I’d bring it to your attention

Looks like something @Chillbo may want to look into.

That’s a bug that - if I remember correctly - is fixed in the v18 version of our skin. I haven’t got back to fixing it for v17, but v18 should be around the corner.

But I’ll check again.

In the meantime you can just delete standard entries you don’t need. The restore menu items button brings them back easily in case you should need them :wink: