Missing arrows and cues in overscan configuration page with new OSMC skin


the overscan configuration page (sorry, I can’t remember the option name and I have no access to my Raspberry Pi now) after the upgrade to Kodi 17 and the new skin shows only the default background picture and the instructions but not the arrows needed to find the right values to correct the TV overscan and the square to fix the aspect ratio. This makes it very hard to use it.

Is this the right place to report the problem or is it a Kodi issue?


[EDIT] it’s a problem with the new skin, the arrows and square are still there if I use Estuary instead of the OSMC skin.

Very likely a Kodi issue (if it is a issue at all).
Also you should use 1:1/Just Scan or how it is call on your TV to avoid using overscan.

It’s a bug, I just got home and checked with estuary instead of the new osmc skin and the cues are there. It’s a problem in the skin, it should probably display some special backgrounds and instead it just shows the default one.

Ok, than maybe @BobCrachett can check if he want to change that in a future version