Missing artwork for TV shows on Pi2

I have just tried adding a samba share to my library, the shows all scraped correctly, however after the first few shows, the remainder do not have any artwork on the OSMC UI (they do in the IOS app).

I wonder if this is a memory issue (as I have seen similar posts referring this) but increasing the 256mb and 512mb limits in the config don’t help. Although Im dubious if these are used with the pi2’s 1gb.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am quite certain that the issue is memory problems due to some things, I was waiting for a report on this. :wink:
If you look in a debug log you will see “error…insufficient resources…”.
Cannot remember exactly as I have modified my config.txt, but either gpu_mem is set to 128, or only gpu_mem_256 and gpu_mem_512 is set which will not work → gpu_mem will default to 64.
Also, I don´t think that gpu_mem_1024 wil work on this Pi2 build as it does not have the latest kernel/firmware.

As a temporary fix, add gpu_mem=320 to config.txt manually.

The reason for 320 is that there is another “issue” at the moment, and that is the fanart resolution that is shipped as default to 1080 as advancedsettings.xml does not have any fanart/thumb settings in it.
This is not a problem on Pi2 (might slow it down a little though), but you will need more gpu memory.

Both these issues will be fixed soon.

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Thanks for your detailed reply, will give this a try in a bit. Do you mean that regardless of what is set in 256 or 512 the memory allocated it only 64?

Do you want any logs etc from me to help resolve?

If there is no gpu setting in config.txt it will default to 64.
gpu_mem_256 and gpu_mem_512 will not affect Pi2 (afaik).
Either way, it is set to low.
Try setting it to 320 and see if that helps, if not come back with a log.

If you want to set lower resolutions for fanart/thumbs, the following should be default in advancedsettings.xml:


Been poking in the logs and found the following:
NOTICE: ARM mem: 864MB GPU mem: 144MB MPG2:0 WVC1:0

This 144 value is from gnu_mem_512 as I increased this to 145 and it affected the value.

Im not wondering if I should have removed the 512 entry from config.txt?

Ok I see now.
With current kernel and firmware the 512 setting applies to Pi2 as well it seems.
I am quite certain that this will be different when we use the updated kernel and firmware.
That said, for now you can use the 512 setting. But if you want to be certain that it works also in the future, simply delete that and use gpu_mem only.

Done that, thanks for the tip.

Back to the original issue - upping the memory to 320 and changing thumbnails size in advancedsettings doesn’t seem to have helped, still mostly have black artwork.

Any more ideas? :smile:

Bah… then I was wrong. :wink:

A debug log from might show something.

Weirdly I can’t upload .log files, renamed to .jpg.

Thats not working, any specific section of the log you want pasting?

SSH to Pi and run this command:

cat /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | paste-log

Paste the link here.

Not sure how that works but its jolly handy:


I only see a ouple of related errors in there (i.e. “image not supported” and “bitstream corrupt”.
The image not supported thing might be a thing that needs to be fixed upstream.

Anyway, you should probably start from scratch with your library and try again (with the new settings set).
To do that, delete the Database and Thumbnails directory (in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata), reboot and set content + scan sources.

If you have the same problems after that, turn on debug mode + browse around your library before uploading a new log.

Doing as instructed :smile:

No thumbnails are appearing as the shows are being added, are they scraped at the end or should i be seeing them already?

Logs are already too large to upload via previous method, will share via filesharing site:


Nothing obvious in there, but this would not be OSMC specific though.
You should probably ask in the Kodi forums.

I can see one thing though, the settings in your custom advancedsettings.xml will have no affect.
You have closed the file to early.
<advancedsettings></advancedsettings> should only be added once.

What do you mean by closed the file too early? Have I messed up the formatting in the file?

Hmmm… the forum is acting a bit weird, I had more text in there explaining it, but it´s gone.
You have the advancedsettings tags twice, but Kodi will only read until you close with </advencedsettings>
So anything after that is not set.


Everything after this will problably not be read by Kodi.

Ah I understand, thanks.

Rerunning the import with that fixed.

If that fails I guess I will head to the kodi forum.

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