Missing artwork in Movie widget on Pi2


I have some problems with the Movie widget in OSMC. Only some of my movies are displayed with a movie poster, all others are blank. Fanart works fine, but not the poster itself. The problem only occurs via the widget on the home screen. Under the Movie menu all posters shows up fine. I tried to bump up the GPU memory to 320 mb, but that didn’t resolve the problem. I had the problem on Alpha 4 and today when I installed the RC it’s still visible there as well. TV shows widget works fine and I can see my recent episodes there without any problems.

Any ideas?

Try checking the artwork for the affected movies in your library.

ie select movie, press info, choose art

you should see poster

Ok, thanks for the tip!

It looks like the poster isn’t automatically downloaded when the movies are scraped. It could be some conflict with my metadata settings in CouchPotato. CP downloads fanart and thumb, but not poster, and stores these in the download folder. Could it be that the scraper in OSMC finds the thumb and then decides not to download the poster? Can I force the posters to be downloaded when my movies are scraped?

When I download the poster manually it shows up on the home screen.

Best to leave all scraping to Kodi.

Ok, problem solved! I cleaned out all metadata (JPG and NFO) from my movie folders and re-added the Movie folder to OSMC to let it scrape all movies again. That did the trick. The posters are now visible for all movies on the home screen.


Similar problem for me. Everything scraped by Kodi. Recent movie widget shows the posters, but when scrolling through them and then going back to the first one, all are blank.
Well, after trying to reproduce that several times it’s working almost every time, so maybe it’s caused by the limited hardware of the RPi and having enabled the artwork background.

Plus the recommended movies/episodes widgets aren’t working at all, they just show the text “recommended movies” and nothing else.

Recommended Movies is for unfinished films. So if you don’t have any that are part watched it will be empty.

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Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification.