Missing Channel Logos

I have been using OSMC for a couple years now, and had everything working perfectly. I messed something up majorly this week doing some experiments on Kodi, and had to wipe the ~/.kodi folder. I restarted it from scratch and got everything back in working order, except that now a handful of the channel logos coming from my tvheadend server (running on a separate computer) are not displaying. Instead, the spot where the logo should be is empty (not even the usual placeholder icon is there). These are the logos that appear next to the channel names in the EPG guide. Any idea why these would be missing? They weren’t missing before, and they show up fine on other computers running Kodi. Just not on my Raspberry Pi running OSMC. This is using the Confluence skin. The OSMC skin does show a TV-shaped placeholder logo until I highlight that channel, at which point the placeholder logo disappears. The Estuary skin shows no logo, just like Confluence.

Kodi seems to sometimes have issues with its cache of images.

Basically, every image (like the channel logos) gets retrieved from someplace (like a scraper, or the tvheadend server), then scaled down to the max size listed in advancedsettings.xml (if the image is too large), and the resulting image is then cached in the “Thumbnails” folder, with info about it stored in the Textures13.db database file.

Sometimes, there is corruption of that database or the cached image file. See this thread for a utility that was built because this happens so often.

I had a similar issue with movie posters, where the placeholder would show until I moved the selection to that movie, then the right image would appear. It would disappear again when I moved off. For me, deleting all the thumbnails and the Textures13.db file and letting it rebuild solved the problem. For me, the rebuild seemed to work with no errors if I didn’t do anything with the system for a few minutes after I restarted Kodi, but if I immediately started to navigate to the problem area, something similar would happen.

Last, check to see where the channel logos come from, and make sure that source is available during the rebuild.