Missing EPG data on SkyUk OTA grabber tvheadend 4.2.6


Does anyone using the OTA sky UK grabber on tvheandend confirm if all EPG data is pulled correctly.

After update to 4.2.6 EPG grabber is missing days and info for almost all channels.

Just want to confirm if it’s an issue on my end or tvheadend if anyone is using the skyuk OTA can confirm.

Had no issues on 4.2.4 before update.


FWIW, I’m not getting EPG data for the HD channels I added yesterday to Freeview. I do seem to be running 4.2.6 although I don’t recall when it upgraded.

Are you using OTA grabber or xmltv for the freeview channels. 4.2.6 was upgraded in the April update.

Do you think downgrading to 4.2.4 or manually upgrading to a newer version will causes issues with the system.

I’m using the OTA grabber. In theory, downgrading to 4.2.4 should be OK as I don’t think TVH change the data file formats within major revisions (ie 4.2.x).

I haven’t bothered to look on the TVH forum to see if anyone’s complaining - they are probably all into 4.3 now. We haven’t made a package for 4.3 so you would have to build it but I think some ppl have done it and lived to tell the tale.

The EPG for the channels I scanned with 4.2.4 installed late last year continues to function OK, so there might be a tweak to get the others working.

Edit: just found that the OTA Freeview grabber is turned off. Turned it on and turned all the others off. No change yet…