Missing files

Hi, we only use our Vero 4K for films and home photos, it has a 3TB HDD attached with films and pictures on it to show on the TV. Occasionally it ‘loses’ a few films (MP4 or MKV). so I unplug it count to 5 and reconnect the power, and all the missing films are there! Not the same films each time. Why should this occur? and can I reboot with the remote?

If you’re using the OSMC skin, there should be a top-level menu called Power, which has a Reboot option in it.

I suspect the first question the OSMC guys will ask is, how is the drive powered? Does it have its own mains plug, or is it powered from USB? And if it’s powered from USB, is it connected directly to the Vero, or via a powered USB hub?

You could also make it easier for them to help you by uploading some debug logs. See:

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Nothing is coming to mind as something familiar from your description. Where exactly are you looking when you say they are missing (home screen widgets, movie library, videos>files, etc). Is there some kind of library update/cleaning behavior going on?

You can keymap a reboot action to a button press if you really want to. If your using the OSMC remote then you probably want to check out the following…