Missing LAME audio encoder

OSMC (Kodi 14 “Helix” on RasPi2) comes with ACC and WMA audio encoder pre-installed.

Where is the LAME encoder so I can rip audio CDs to MP3 format?

There’s no addon for audio encoders available and no package in apt that seems to solve this.

(Also see this thread in the official Raspberry forum: Missing LAME audio encoder in OSMC (Kodi 14 "Helix") - Raspberry Pi Forums)

As an alternative: Can I compile kodi-audioencoder-lame by myself? GitHub - xbmc/audioencoder.lame: Lame MP3 encoder addon for Kodi

You can ssh into osmc and
sudo apt-get install lame

Not sure if kodi needs anything special, or just looks for the library. I usually rip/convert from the command line with lame and/or ffmpeg

This will come in Isengard


Until then you can easily use command line tools. If you apt-get install lame and pacpl (perl audio converter) you can rip using pacpl - - rip all - - t mp3 destination_directory
See pacpl - l
Or use kodi to rip to aac and convert to mp3 with pacpl

Today I installed Isengard but no LAME available. Even the addons link is gone now.

Try updating.

The addon should be included


Hum, it is not. Where can I check if its active/running? (I upgraded from Helix to Isengard via sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, I did not do a full clean install). Otherwise: if it’s not installed, where can I find the addon to install it?


Last week an update was shown. I installed it (took a while, seemed to be a big one) and now I have more than 2 choices for an encoder for CD ripping. Great!

So now I have LAME :smile:

Thank you!

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The LAME addon is there but not working as expected. If you’re interested, please also see this thread: