Missing movies in library

Also noticed this since updating , may have been 19.2 Some movies are not showing and I too use NFS but simple NFS paths rather than NFS mounts.

Also using Synology NAS with titles such as The.Doors.1991.Theatrical.Cut.GBR.UHD.Bluray.Remux.2160p.HEVC.HDR.Atmos.7.1 not showing in movies library despite others in same folder showing fine. Also missing simplified film names, Movie (yyyy), for example only showing 1 of 3 Matrix movies in Matrix set.

These films showed in library fine until recent updates. I can access fine via file mode and they play fine just seems to be a library Kodi issue.

You can look at my response to the other poster in the other thread to see if the issues I brought up would be relevant to you. If that information does not cover the issue you are having then you will need to provide logs in order for anyone to have the ability to spot what the issue may be.

I can tell you that despite a couple threads recently where people had issues that they thought using a NAS or NFS or system mount may factor into their scraping issues, this is not the case.

Thanks for the reply. Video tags is not enabled Extract video information from files is selected.

Bit late here to do log etc. will do tomorrow. Unless I deselect option selected for video information from files? Not sure if I selected it or its standard.

That option is fine and it will not pose an issue.

The tags option can be problematic as there can be tags in the file which are either not descriptive of the title, or contain information that the scraper is not able to process correctly and it prevents a proper match from being found where it would have normally if it was just using the file and folder names to parse what the item is.