Missing music visualization on Vero4K

I would suggest removing all regarding shadertoy in the .kodi\addons and .kodi\userdata\addon_data directory through SSH and after a restart install again.

In Visualisation settings I have Randomise disabled and in Choose presets I have Sound sinus wave by Eitraz selected.

Thanks, I did all that:

Infortunately, it still does not work :frowning:

The weird thing is that after clearing it out, and re-install via repo, you mention “Choose presets” but I don’t have that in my Shadertoy settings…

Im really getting the feeling that I am somehow not installing the version of Shadertoy that everyone else is reporting to work… It’s version 1.0.8.

Any other ideas, or are we getting into “nuke it and start over” territory?

I got version 1.0.8 as well

Maybe @Theetjuh uses a different skin. Also are you set on expert level?

I’m using the Kodi default Estaury as skin.

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I am on the default skin as well as using Expert mode for settings.

Anyone have an idea what it could be from the errors in the provided logs?

It’s so weird this is not a problem for other people though…

hey i have the same issue, with presets apparently missing in the settings though they are present in the addon resources folder. did you ever figure this out? thanks.

What presets are you missing?
Which device are you using?

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hi sam, this has been an issue since i originally purchased my vero 4k back in april 2018. i am on the latest osmc update, and i use a skin called “grid”.

for any visualization, when playing music i only see a black screen with the track title flashing for a few seconds as each new song starts.

i have both spectrum 1.1.1, which i think was packaged by default, and shadertoy 1.0.8, which i have installed from the popcornmix repo. the installation process worked properly, and the addon is enabled and selectable in music settings. however for both of them, only a black screen displays.

with shadertoy, when i go into the visualization settings, the shadertoy preset list is entirely blank. this is despite the fact that i can verify all the frag.glsl files are present in /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/visualization.shadertoy/resources

in the past months i have occasionally tried to clear and reinstall the shadertory preset, with no difference in behavior. i’ve seen on scattered forums that others have had this same issue with various kodi/omsc gles systems, but have never seen anyone post a solution.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: well, as i was typing this, i realized i had never tried it with any other skin. i flipped back to the osmc skin, and now shadertoy works. :man_facepalming:

leaving all the above in case it comes up in someone else’s googling for a fix.

lol thanks for the help, however indirect!

Well – I’m sure this will help someone else!

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