Missing pycryptodome module / Info Button assign CEC / variable refresh rate @ 1080P 50hz


first of all sorry for my bad english :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 3 Problems :

  1. Missing Module “cryptodome” : I have addons that needed this basic Python Module
    I have fix the Problem by SSH the Vero and type “sudo apt install python3-pycryptodome”
    Can we have the Module included @ new Updates ?

  2. My Vero Remote Donge died and i use my LG C8 Remote via CEC.
    I configure the most Buttons via Keymap Editor but i miss the Info Button.
    The Info Botton is avaible via the Timeline but i need the advanced Info Window
    for viewing the skipped frames and CPU and Framerate. Wich Entry is it Keymap editor ?

  3. I Like the Kodi 19.1 Update but since the Update i have framedropping @ 1080P 50hz Media…
    It`s realy jerky… I fix it by whitelisting all Resolutions and Framerates but 1080p 50hz. Is this a know
    Problem ? I buy the Vero because the outstanding Framerate matching… With Kodi 18.9 i have no Problem.

Greetz from good old Germany :slight_smile:

  1. pip3 install pycryptodome

Why have another package installed by default that is used in less then 90% of cases?, when the solution is so simple?

Depending on what’s happening, you may get better results by whitelisting 1080p/50, de-whitelisting 1080p/25, and making sure “Allow double refresh rates” is checked.

try this first …but with no luck…Addons dont work. I try python3 command that worked

Anybody knows when the 50hz Bug will get fixed ? I read that Kodi 19 has this Framerate Bug… In never used the Whitlist on Vero … will the Bug fixed when Kodi 19.2 arrived ?

Edit : is a widespread Problem …


I dont know why no OSMC Beta Test Member reports it … How can i go back to 18.9 ? Is it easy with new Bootloader ?

This seems to affect the NVIDIA Shield and Kodi v19.2, neither of which apply to OSMC.

Not only Shield … is a Kodi 19 Problem…

I`m back to 18.9 … because too many Problems with 19.1…

-Network Throughput slower as 18.9

  • Framerate switching Problems…
  • Higher energy demand standby
    -CEC not as responsive as 18.9

Wait till the new Kernel is grown… maybe with 19.5 :slight_smile: Thanks anyway

How have you ascertained this?
Are you using WiFi or Wired networking?

Better Throughput over 5ghz WLAN Network with IPerf3. The Movies starts much quicker with old Kernel. This Problems have many People here. Sorry no disrespect but i wonder why no Beta Tester observed this problems :slightly_smiling_face: For me 18.9 is perfect for now. Also CEC is much more responsive than 19.1… (LG C8 Magic Remote) Why ?
And i have absolutely no Framerate Problems… 1080p 25/50 hz… with 19.1 many Movies are