Missing shipment

Good day.
My order from 24th December, #49793, has not yet arrived. Given the date of the order and expected seasonal delays through the delivery chain, I did not expect particularly prompt delivery to Canada, but two weeks have now elapsed since the order was placed and paid for and I’m getting anxious.
I have filed a ticket on this (#384195), but not yet seen a reply.
I see from an earlier post about shipment arrival that I should have received a tracking notification, but can’t find such in a search of my inbox.

I am one day behind on emails but should catch up with them by end of today.

Your order is probably awaiting customs clearance. You should have received a tracking number when it was dispatched

Thank you for the prompt reply. It may well be awaiting clearance, given the glacial speed at which that works, BUT I feel I should stress I did not receive a tracking number and have not received any tracking updates on this shipment.


Ok, no problem. I should be on top of emails within a few hours.

I’ll respond to your email with tracking as well as send you a PM here and also confirm the whereabouts of the item. We had some deliverability issues with emails to some emails last week and you may have been affected.

Thanks once more for the speedy reply Sam.

I feel much better knowing you’ll be looking into this.


Nothing to worry about, don’t worry.

Hi Derek

Thanks for your patience.
I have responded to your emails and sent you tracking details. I’ve also sent these over PM in the unlikely case you have not received my email.

Your order was dispatched on 2nd January (we were shut over Christmas) and was delivered on 10th January.



Many thanks for looking into this Sam.
I can confirm safe arrival, thanks. Collected it from our neighborhood mail box this morning. It was most likely delivered on the 10th, but we weren’t able to get to the mailbox until this morning. Usually the post person will bring valuable mail such as this to the door, but not this time, probably due to the rotten weather.
Sorry to put you to what turned out to be unnecessary trouble, especially as you’re so busy. On the plus side, your quick, cheerful and accurate response is another glowing testament to the outstanding quality of your enterprise. Looking forward to getting my new Vero up and running this weekend!

Thanks again,

Absolutely no trouble at all. If you need help with anything do not hesitate to get in touch