Missing "watched" status in .nfo file after separate file backup

I was using my two vero 4K+ players with a huge NAS movie database connection, and watched statuses are more or less working flawlessly (99%). I can continue to watch movies on the other unit where I left off, etc.
However when I created a backup (separate file) - overwrite old files, I checked the .nfo files, but I can only see:

0.000000 0.000000

No watched status mentioned anywhere in the .nfo file.

I bough a Zidoo media player and wanted to parse the .nfo files hoping that all the watched statuses will remain, but it seems when Vero exports the .nfo files this information is missing.
I set in the advancedsettings the watched status and resume status as well.

Can you please tell me how can I get the watched status in my .nfo files? Vero probably stores it somewhere else and misses to export.


Yes, it seems the problem exists with everyone. But kodi site doesn’t seem to offer any solution for this issue or at least I couldn’t figure out.

I just tried it and I see both watched status…


and resume data…


Team Kodi has since changed the defaults to importing watched status from nfo files.

Oops, sorry guys. I was looking for a “watched” tag, but it turned out that the playcount <> 0 is the watched tag. Then it seems it is working.