Missing WOL and buggy tags (/B) in recent OSMC

Well I still would correct it as it is not correct syntax.

You were faster with answering than me with correcting my post - please lookup :wink:

  1. I am not sure if the Netbios Name resolution works for WOL setup
  2. Check your Sources entries if you use the Netbios based Source you still have the IP including the wrong syntax in there. I suggest for testing purpose you remove all sources and just add the IP based one without the port.

Will do. Talk to you later :wink:

Unfortunately it still does not work, even with IP. It just says:
“No route to host”
as if it wouldn’t even try…

Suggest, you upload new debug logs.
Next step is to check the network with tcpdump to see if a WOL packet is sent or not.

Could you please post a short description on how to do that?
I would then do both things in one go :wink:

No promise it being right but try
sudo apt-get install tcpdump
sudo tcpdump -i eth0 '(udp and port 7) or (udp and port 9)'

Thanks fzinken. Will do that likely in the evening and then get back - hopefully with some results.

After a long time, longer than I’d expected, I am back here.
So what happened? After having issues with the latest Kodi I had to go back to 16.1. And there WOL works just fine - with the same wakeonlan.xml and with the folllowing SMB share notation:

What now? Is it a bug in the recent version(s)?
I will try again with another SD card and the latest KODI.

Problem solved - at last :slight_smile:
The important thing was to use the same naming convention in the wakeonlan.xml than for the media source.
E.g. when you specified a NetBIOS name in the source you must also use NetBios for the WOL device specified in the wakeonlan.xml.
Same goes for a SMB link, NFS mount and so on.

smb://buffalo_NAS/movies => for the media source, results in:


=> for the entry in the wakeonlan.xml

Consequently this means that you must not mix different naming schemes for the same source if you want to ensure it’s always woken up.

Hope this helps also another poor guys who ran into this trap.