Mix HDMI ARC input to USB audio output


First of all, thanks for maintaining such a solid project.
I’m enjoying it since I purchased my very first Vero 4k.

As I get the best sound out of my usb dac connected to Vero V, i would like to send all audio from the TV (LG C9) to the Vero V first and let the Vero handle the downmixing to 2.0.

Is it possible to use the ARC audio signal and mix/send it to the usb dac?

The dac is a Topping DX5, which is working nicely with the Vero V.

I’m not aware Vero supports ARC.

Then maybe I do not understand what this capture device is for:
card 0: AMLAUGESOUND [AML-AUGESOUND], device 2: TDM-C-T9015-audio-hifi-alsaPORT-i2s2hdmi T9015-audio-hifi-2

Out of curiousity:
What is the capture device for?

That’s not a capture device, it’s the internal DAC that feeds the analogue port.

Thanks for the explenation.

Was worth to ask as it showed up under playback and capture devices.
Will have to look for another solution then, as the Vero is the only device close to the speakers that handles audio properly.