Mixed matched Kodi ver. and databases

Both of my Vero4K+'s and my main desktop (Arch Linux w/Kodi) use a shared library from a dedicated smb server (also Arch Linux), also where the (MariaDB) database is kept. Both of the Vero4K+'s do not have libraries set up, instead using the database to update my anime, tv shows and movies. New shows and episodes are updated with desktop Kodi. I do not like the idea of the Vero4K+'s accessing the interwebs for anything other than updates (done monthly via ssh from the desktop, I don’t want them accessing the internet without my knowledge). This has been working wonderfully for the past forever (similar setup when I was using raspberry pi’s).

My desktop Kodi was recently updated to ver. 18.1 and switched databases from MyVideos107 to MyVideos116. Now, my Vero4K+'s aren’t updating watched status or even new shows. I deleted MyVideos107 and rebooted both Vero’s in the hopes that they would identify '116 as the new and improved database. They didn’t and recreated '107. I had to clone '116 to '107, so as of 10 minutes ago, they’re synced.

I’ve gone thru almost all of the config files I can find to see if I can find where Kodi decides which database to use. I didn’t find anything (could have missed it, those .xml’s can be quite big).

Short of downgrading my desktop Kodi (absolutely the last, ditch effort), how would I go about telling the Vero’s to use the new database?

(edit: all of the advancedsettings.xml are identical)

Disregard. I thought my desktop Kodi went from 18 to 18.1, but it appears that it was previously 17.6. I’ll downgrade until the Vero’s get updated to 18.