Mkv files with 4K movies and 7.1 Dolby ATMOS TRUeHD on NAS

Hello All,

Would I be able to watch 4K movies with 7.1 Dolby ATMOS TRUeHD (downloaded mkv-files) on a VERO 4K+ with PLEX client or doesn’t it support this with mkv-container?

I ask this because my Sony UHD-Bluray supports only 4K m2ts-files with ATMOS (via DLNA), and I have to convert my downloaded mkv-files to m2ts first before enjoying the 4K video and the 7.1 Dolby ATMOS TRUeHD. The DLNA GUI is not my favourite, but it is the only way I can get this to work.

I want to buy a VERO4K+ to avoid the conversion-work and get the nice GUI of PLEX or KODI.
But I want to be sure it will support the mkv-movies with ATMOS or DTS:X.

Thanx for your response


The Vero 4K can play UHD Atmos mkv files from a NAS just fine. Your best performance will be with a wired connection, and use either fstab or autofs mounts instead of the built in Kodi smb mounting. If your NAS supports NFS, use that instead of SMB.