MKV Playback

I didn’t see this addressed directly, so apologies if I missed it somewhere.

I’m running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi B+, connected via Ethernet to a Win7/XMBC media server for content (TV, ripped music and video).

When I try to play MKVs ripped from BluRays, some movies play OK while others pause every 15-20sec for 15-20secs with no ‘buffering’ messages or the like. I’m overclocked and have both video codecs, is this strictly a horsepower issue?

Thanks in advance.

Wifi or cable?
Bitrate of a problematic mkv?
Samba or nfs share?

Edit: Sorry, didn’t read carefully. So you are using an xbmc dlna server and are connected vial cable ethernet?
Could you still post mediainfo (codec, bitrate, audiostream etc.) of the files that are buffering?

Yup I’ll capture that info over the weekend and post.

OK, here’s what I found for the sample movie ‘Collateral’ which was ripped from a Blu-Ray disc to an MKV file:


  • video = H264 opened with codec ID 28 (H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 AVC/MPEG-4 part 10);
  • audio = Stream1 = DTS-HD MA; Stream2 = DTS; Stream3 = AC3
    bitrate = 37799 kb/s
    audiostream = 48000hz, sample rate 192000, pass-through

Thanks in advance . . .

EDIT: Just to point out the obvious, these measurements were taken from the host XBMC server, on which the MKV file plays flawlessly.

This looks like an BluRay rip that has full bitrate.
I would start looking for a problem with your network connection.
Does the same file play well from an usb stick or hdd directly connected to the pi?

When I used dlna, sometimes hight bitrate movies wouldn’t play for me, too.
Got better when switching to an nfs share.

You could also try to reencode the file to a lower bitrate.

OK, we can close this out – was about to rebuild the whole system when I had an epiphany: ripped MKVs included DTS Master Audio, which my Win7-XBMC / -Kodi system can’t handle and I have to change during playback. I figured if that’s the case, maybe that’s why OSMC chokes. I re-ripped a BD without the HD soundtracks (MKV with same name as before) and boom OSMC plays like a champ.

My bad, this is resolved.