MKV Segment Linking/Ordered Chapters

Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, I’ve searched but not found anything relating to this.

I’m keen to know if MKV segment linking aka ordered chapters is something that can be implemented, or if this is more of a Kodi limitation (probably). For those that don’t know it’s commonly used in the Anime scene where only 1 copy of the intro/outro for a show is stored and each episode links the intro -> episode chosen -> outro on playback.

I’m more interested to use from a ‘2 in 1’ remux perspective i.e. have both the Director’s Cut & Theatrical cut of a movie stored as one file and choose which version to play on selection - it’ll effectively seamlessly branch the chapters in the right order to give you whatever version you want to watch.


This would be one for Kodi

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There is work ongoing for this

See here Multiple videos in a Matroska MKV container with Ordered Chapters / Segment Linking?

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Understood, thanks Sam.

@the_bo, thanks for the link though progress seems to be slow and Windows focused.