Mobile / Tablet app?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a bit tired of entering user Id and password every time I log in tho forum.
Sometimes is happen few times per day.
I think will be nice to have a dedicated app for Apple and android or at least to can use the forum in Tapatalk for instance.
Is this maybe planned for the future?

I have not needed to re-enter my user id and password since 3 years (other than 1 year ago when I switched phones and one week ago when the SSO was introduced). So I guess you must have an issue with the cookies being deleted.


My browser security settings are on private, which I recommend to everyone who cares about his bank account and credit cards not being hacked and personal information spreading all over internet.
Than cookies, passwords and history is deleted each time the browser is closed.

Well with that security setting there is not much you can do. While the normal security recommendation is to use a “privacy browser” (like focus) for anything that you don’t trust and use a “normal browser” for everything else.

You can download the Discourse app.

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This is exactly what I use.

Which seems to be nothing different than a wrap for the google browser :slight_smile:

That’s great, thanks.