Mode Not Supported

I am experiencing this error, occasionally, when switching sources between HDMI inputs, this occurs on both my vero 4k’s. The error:
HDMI 1 Mode Not Supported
Resolution not supported. Change the resolution of the external device.
This is a series 7 Samsung and a hard reboot, ie pull the plug, generally solves this issue.
Also, FYI, it will not boot with an sdcard in the slot.

If you mean unplugging a device from one HDMI input and plugging it into another, that can be problematic. A re-boot is usually needed. Do you have to do this a lot?

What is on the SD card? Is it anything that looks like an operating system?

In this day and age unplugging an HDMI cable is not needed, switching is accomplished via remote on the TV.
This was a blank, formatted, ext4 card

LOL. So you have a vero working OK on HDMI 1, you switch to HDMI 2 (say) then back to HDMI 1 and no signal?


I have the same issue, Vero 4K and Samsung 7 series.
When returning from watching a different source (for example: fromNetflix native Samsung app ) to the HDMI port of the Vero I get the same message.
I usually solve this by rebooting the Vero (physically disconnect it from both the power source and USB 3.0 powered hub).
Seems to me that it started almost right after the last October update.

Same here! First experienced after the October update …

so, anybody from support looking into this?
if you are experiencing this, submit your logs

I did have a quick look but you have over an hour of logging there. Without being able to pin-point the time when the blankscreen occurred it’s difficult to troubleshoot.

A more concise log when this occurs would be great.
Can you also enable HPD Lock, reboot, and let me know if this still occurs?


I’m getting this same issue since the October update too.

I have a Samsung KS series TV through a Yamaha RX-V3083 (aka A3070).

It happens to me when I go to play a video. I run the UI in 24p mode, I play a video then a few seconds in, the screen goes blank and my TV shows 'Mode not supported. Audio keeps going. I then stop the video, switch away from the Vero input, wait for my TV to switch to whatever I’ve switched to. Then switch back to the Vero and I can see the UI. Then I have to reboot the Vero for it to work again. Then its fine for another day or two, before I have to repeat the process.

I’ve not had a chance to capture the logs yet, but will endeavour to do so.

The issue will be gone in a few days in the next update