Mods' field of expertise

I wanted to ask if the mods in the OSMC forum would like to share their field of expertise regarding OSMC. Like for example everyone knows @Chillbo is the expert in terms of the OSMC skin. I don’t want to be too pushy, so feel free to ignore this request :sweat_smile:

I know that @tanio99 is the guy to consult about 3D playback on the Vero 4K.

I don’t really see the point in the request. Support topics are not divided up. If you see a mod posting they probably either have an idea of how to fix the problem/answer the question, or else be able to figure it out. For example Chillbo is the expert on the skin he maintains but that doesn’t mean he needs to get tagged for every question that likely many people, even non-mods, may be able to answer. There is a lot of overlapping knowledge around here.

I personally don’t consider myself an expert in anything, but I believe I’m the unofficial keymap guy on the forum.


To be honest I never understood my shield ownership,

I’m a former childcare nurse (by education at least), done a lot IT-education, basic “DOS” courses to MS certification courses, I’ve used others education material, I’ve made my own material/test/curriculums.

Done support/it management/“responsibility to head office” for a small private “high school”, like 300-laptops, softwares, hw-support(changing cpu/displays/hdds/soDIMMS/motherboards), developed local tools (using vb/bash/perl), “develop and enforce” IT-policies etc.

I consider myself as a IT-janitor, I do what I’m told, I try to make everybody else job a bit easier if I can, fix automations scripts like my “netflix_prep” for OSMC-users, “reddit-integration” for dev-team platform.

I love to learn new stuff and have lots of ideas for possible OSMC-expansions, but I still don’t know why Sam gave me a shield. I just hope I live up to the responsibility.

It really wasn’t my intention, that users tag certain mods because they know which mod knows a lot about a specific topic based on this post. But now that I read your answer, I realized that telling the users about your fields of expertise might indeed lead to that behaviour.

Yep. The idea of a forum is anyone can ask and anyone can answer. The first to answer will be the ones keenest to help, and that’s probably what you want rather than, necessarily, an answer from the ‘expert’.

Tagging the assumed ‘expert’ is bad enough but PM-ing them is something no-one would want to encourage. It will never get you a faster answer than an open post.