Monitor resolution wrongly recognised

Ah. Thanks! I take it there is a doc somewhere that lists fixes?

All updates are announced at when they are made available.


Thanks. Will check there next time

BTW. Kudos for fixing that subtitle exploit so quickly!

Hi Sam,

I have just applied the May updates to my Vero4k

My monitor isn’t being recognized properly. Still showing 1920x1080.

Can you please help me?

No changes to resolutions in this update.

There will be a new kernel for Vero 4K very soon (testing before the next update), and we will add support for more resolutions then. It didn’t make much sense to add the support with the risk that it would stop working again when we do a sync with upstream (SoC manufacturer)

Better to get it all working in one go.


Thank for replying.

Very soon, you mean on a couple of days, or at the end of this month?

We will release a test kernel with the intention of having it stable for the end of June.
I hope you will be able to test at the start of next week, but no guarantee just yet. I’ll keep you posted.


Thank you sam.

I will test it gladly.

This part of the message I will edit out. I just saying here because I have your attention.

I have just noticed that my HiFiBerry Digi+ stopped being recognized after the may update.

I will open a new ticket in a couple of minutes. I just want to make sure that this is indeed the case before I do.

It’s best to start a new post as that concerns RBP rather than Vero 4K.

Please upload some debug logs so we can investigate further


Hi Sam,

Do you have any news about that Test Kernel?



Yes. There’s been progress. But for now the SoC manufacturer told us this was a bad idea, so we’re investigating further. No point in adding support to remove it at a later date.



Hi Sam.

Thanks for replying.

So, I assume that won’t make it into the next update?

I will try and get it in the next update. I’ll update this thread when we have something to test. Improvements such as these don’t need to wait for the ‘monthly’ release cycle provided you’re willing to update manually


Hi Sam,

One month has passed. Do you have any news about it?

I’m more than willing to help you sort this out updating manually.

Please, let me know.

Hi – as you probably know, I was travelling so have been away from things for a bit. There are some improvements here: [TESTING] 10-bit, HDR and dithering improvements.

This kernel also adds support for more video modes. I haven’t checked in detail which ones, as the improvements come upstream from the SoC vendor.


I wasn’t aware, I was traveling myself. :smile:

I will look that thread right away and test it and let you know if something changed.


Sorry for the delayed response.

I have installed the ones on the first post of the thread you mentioned above.

it didn’t solve my issue. The resolution 1920x1200 is not being chosen or listed.

Are those files the newest ones?

Most recent (but experimental improvements) are the newest. We’ll add support for this resolution, but it’s not really optimal as most content will be 1080p.