Mono sound when using shairplay-sync


I’ve installed shairplay-sync to enable airplay on OSMC (since the build-in Airplay does not work). But when I play audio via Airplay, I hear the left channel on both speakers resulting in mono sound. When I play the audio via OSMC, I hear it perfectly in stereo.

I’m using a DAC (DDDAC 1794) that is connected via I2S to my raspberry pi 2. I have selected the ‘hifiberry-dac-overlay’ as audio output device using ‘My OSMC’.

I’ve analyzed the problem using ‘aplay’ and dumping the proc asound status (cat /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/status).
What i’ve found so far is that when I play audio using ‘aplay’, I get (=not good):
format: S16_LE
subformat: STD
channels: 2
rate: 44100 (44100/1)
period_size: 5513
buffer_size: 22052
When I play audio using OSMC, I get (=good):
format: S24_LE
subformat: STD
channels: 2
rate: 48000 (48000/1)
period_size: 2400
buffer_size: 9600

Does anyone has some I idea what the solution is? I’ve been looking at it for days but I’m stuck.

Many thanx in advance,


Assuming you are using shairport-sync (not shairplay-sync), you might have more luck posting an issue over at the project’s GitHub page - the developer is really responsive and helpful.

It’s shairport-sync indeed. I’ll try posting the problem over there. Thanks.