Moonlight/Luna on Vero

has anyone had luck with installing Moonlight/Luna on a Vero? I tried to follow the How-To’s in the other forum but at one time almost broke my OSMC installation because of several unmet dependencies and forced package installations.

Sam mentioned at one time, that it might be included in the OSMC app store at some time but after the recent Steam Link sale I got back in the topic again and wanted to see if there is any progress regarding this?

Eventually with the new My OSMC, it will be yes.

I helped @mkub with this before: [HowTo] Moonlight-Embedded (former Limelight) using Luna Launcher - #292 by sam_nazarko

It’s scattered across a few posts though.


Ah, yes - that’s the topic I tried to follow but ran into too many hiccups :frowning: Maybe I’ll give it a go again this weekend…
The new My OSMC will be available “when it’s done” I guess? :slight_smile: