Moonlight with launcher from osmc instructions request

I’ve recently ordered a Raspberry Pi 2 for use with OSMC after (somehow, given my lack of knowledge) getting Moonlight up and running from Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi (1) and streaming games surprisingly well from my main computer and using a wireless XBOX 360 controller, using these guides as reference:

Hopefully I’ll get a bit less lag and improved graphical quality and the general speed bump looks decent.

I’ve learned quite a bit reading these resources but only really copying and pasting commands and figuring out briefly what does what… (updating with rpi-update was strangely satisfying) since I’m fairly new to Linux and just tinkering - so was hoping someone far more experienced here could help - almost tutor me through it (to a point obviously) but then this would be useful to others wanting to set this up within OSMC too. Almost like a n00bs guide for this post: [HowTo] Moonlight-Embedded (former Limelight) using Luna Launcher

So my goal is to have an OSMC installation with a lancher from the interface that will load an instance of Moonlight that is configured either with a file or ultimately maybe even a settings dialog. An addon would be ideal but I’ve seen that mentioned in another thread and guessing it’s a big job and not likely coming soon. I’d actually be interested in setting this all up manually anyway.

I thought that it would be great too if launching the Moonlight program would send a magic packet (i’m guessing it’s possible) to my PCs IP address (which is usually asleep) to wake it. Ideally, the xbox controller would enable on load and disable on exit (so my wireless controller for example won’t just stay on. I used xboxdrv and the map file from the linked page above

The guide elsewhere (linked above) “[HowTo] Moonlight-Embedded (former Limelight)” looks very promising but for someone like me with limited knowlegde doesn’t have quite enough detail to follow through successfully by the look of it (I will give it a shot when my RPi2 arrives tomorrow. Am I right in thinking that OSMC still runs a full linux installation in he background unlike, say Openelec?

I realise that what I’ve described above might be more complicated than it looks but I really would appreciate a few pointers of the best way to approach this project from the start. Like I said, this is genuinely an interesting learning experience as much as an a amazing way to get OSMC up and running to stream my PC gaming to my TV. I don’t know that much but enough to know that it might just be a case of automating the right commands and that this could somehow be set up in he GUI (I’ve seen RetroPie mentioned a couple of times).

Sorry for the waffle or if this is in the wrong section - hope that makes sense and would great if anyone could lend a hand piecing all this together bit by bit. Thanks.

just follow the instructions to the letter and it will work dont do any halfassed solutions :smile:

Ok thanks I’ll give it a try tomorrow and see how I get on! Am I right in thinking that what I described as a desired setup is basically what you’ve given the guide to? I’ll be looking into getting he Pi to remote wake the PC at some point but need to walk before I run!

Just to clarify: So I basically install OSMC to my RPi2 as normal and then issue the commands using SSH (I’m using Putty) and that’ll do the job?

yes just follow the howto and you should be fine

talked to Sam about including in it in the appstore the future… no promises but its not a no he just wants to check it out more before commiting

Great - thanks for asking Sam about making it an app. Hope it does end up being included officially - in amongst other requests it might have the potential to draw people to OSMC if it does as there isn’t really a user friendly way for most people to get it up and running and it’s pretty great functionality for gamers. Now in the meantime I won’t have to trail my 50ft HDMI cable through the flat anymore - and just waiting for Batman Arkahm Knight to be re-released…(!) Thanks for your hotwo guide btw - it’s people like you who make things possible for us all who wouldn’t otherwise have a clue - it really is appreciated. :thumbsup:

lol yeah that new batman game sure was a total fuckup of the wb studios :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs same principal goes for messing around with systems

dont be scared to try and mess with a system just do a backup of the sd card before and if you break it restore that backup :smiley: