More aggressively reconnect to wifi?

Hi all,
I have a Pi 2 built into an amplifier that is running headless with a wifi dongle.

How aggressively will t try to reconnect to wifi if for example the AP reboots ?

Is this configurable ?

It often reconnects happily but not always and I need to reboot the Pi.

Can you time how long it takes?

Unplug AP, plug back in. Compare timing on two pieces of hardware and then the OSMC device. Doesn’t need to be too accurate – a stop watch would be fine.

Maybe we can increase the polling interval, but I suspect it’s correlated to beacon frame transmission which can vary per AP.

Your AP shouldn’t be cutting out, unless you’re somewhere rural and have frequent power cuts.


Will do - this morning it was at least 10 mins before I gave up and rebooted the Pi.
My phone reconnected pretty much straight after the AP had booted.

I’ll see if the logs are still there when I get back home.

APs do tend to crash from time to time - especially when you’re running recent dd-wrt builds !