More Music Visualizations for OSMC on RasPi2?

What skin are you using? Any different with confluence?

I’m using the OSMC skin. Changing to confluence makes the presets appear normally!

popcornmix I just wanted to thank you for putting this together. I’ve been wanting visualisations for the Pi since the beginning and this is fantastic.

Just an FYI that the popcornmix shadertoy repo is now available for all GL ES platforms


Hey tried to install this visualization, but now I always get a message " can’t load dll"
did i have to install any dll file or is there an other mistake?

thanks for help

Thanks for this popcornmix! Glad to have some viz that will run on my Pi2. Noticed that some of the viz are really low rez & not very pretty. I found the random option, is there a way to disable certain screens (I have tried turning off random & selecting a particular viz to use in Music OSD, but it never seems to hold.)

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After update to 16.0 I dont have visualizations :frowning: I try to copy from other source bt its not workin. Do you know how to fix it ?

If you copied the right bits to the appropriate location, a restart of Kodi is required before they will be visible/available.

Could you tell me where can I find those files to download? I cant find it on ma raspberry. in lib/share/kodi/addons I dont see it. ?

It is available from the Kodi repository now, that’s where I got it from.

I try “sudo apt-get install kodi-visualization-spectrum” and i got ‘Unable to locate package’.
How can I install vis on it ?

Go to the addons section in the kodi settings menu, search for visualisation and go from there.
You cannot install addons from apt.

Yes, its obviously but I cant find in kodi 16 any visualizations in addons. Where is it?
I try to type ‘spectrum’ in search and got nothing too.

If you had typed it into the forum search:

Probably it’s this bug/problem.

+1 to this question. I’d love to be able to see which ones are running, note them & disable the ones that aren’t ones i’d like to see again. This is a great add-on though!

I’ve been able to locate ~/.kodi/addons/visualization.shadertoy/resources/
That shows a list of installed visualizations, some of which appear in the list of presets, some of which don’t (like nyancat.frag.glsl).

I’ve renamed the ones i can guarantee i don’t want to see again (gameboy.frag.glsl, and some others) to *.frag.glsl.old.
That disables them from showing in the fullscreen window.

But! it seems the addon is looking for a specific number of visualizations, so when it encounters one that ends in .old it just shows a black screen.

It’d be great if we could tell the add on "only use the number of active shadertoy visualizations (.glsl) files you encounter.

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I know this is old, but I renamed gameboy and flags to .old, then copied two of my favorites to the original gameboy and flag filenames. Those two probably come up more often now, but that’s why I chose 2 that I really like.

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Oh Snap! That’s a great idea! I’m going to do that when I get back to the house. thanks for writing!

Hi Guys,

Just passing to leave a feedback…

im here with RP3 and OSMC (kodi 17) and…

Guess who’s back? GAP…


(is a little gap… but is a gap)

I’ve removed a couple of .glsl files from the .kodi/addons/visualozation.shadertoy/resources folder, but their name still shows up in the preset list. When selected they do not display the visualization, so I guess the list needs to be refreshed.

What is the proper way to do that? Restart did not help.

Hello all. I just started to get shadertoy to work with the music playback.

I notice that the visualization loops at a regular interval, like it resets or something. It’s very annoying… Is it possible to get the milkdrop presets working with vero and shadertoy ?