More Music Visualizations for OSMC on RasPi2?


I really love listening to music with some visualizations turned on, especially milkdrop is fantastic. Unfortunately, the collection of audio visualization plugins on OSMC for the RasPi2 is rather poor.

Is there any chance that there will be some more addons ported? Or where can I get more?

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

Would be nice if Project M was included in OSMC as a package or this one

looks like this

the vid in the demo is a rpi 1 so thats why its lagging would love to hear some input from @sam_nazarko @ActionA @DBMandrake any other developer on OSMC.

not sure what application this is from but it looks nice :smile: so there are plenty of alternatives just a matter of patching it into one of the mediacenter then voila finally a nice simple milkdrop for rpi1/2 vero users

ps. might wanna move this to feature request subforum :innocent:

This looks impressive, I’d love to see this implemented in Kodi fpr the RasPi 2 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve got some shadertoy based visualisations and screensavers working with Kodi on Pi:

In theory it should be possible to build them and add to OSMC (they are binary add-ons).
They should be available in Isenguard release of OSMC.


wow nice work popcorn didnt know about that you should be more vocal about stuff like that :smiley:

Thanks, can you tell me how I can add them to my OSMC in the Raspi2?

They will ship with Kodi 15 when it is released for the Raspberry Pi


You can install onto Gotham builds with this repo:

Download the zip file and install from setting/addons.
And then install from the new popcornmix repo the screensaver and visualization.

Select shadertoy screensaver in appearance/screensaver settings
Select shadertoy visualisation in music/playback settings

You can change the screensaver preset in screensaver settings.
You can change the visualisation preset when music is playing. Switch to fullscreen mode, bring up controls (enter) and select preset (rightmost “mountain” control in confluence).

Edit: updated instructions to use the repo, so add-ons will automatically update.


is there gonna be a randomize fx introduced later on ?

pretty nice with hyperion running on my led stripes :smiley:



thanks, I downloaded the addon, installed it, and OSMC says it’s activated, however I do not get any option to set it in visualization. Any idea?

Edit I can enable it as screensaver, but it’s not found as a visulization plugin :frowning:

Did you download and install both addons?

Hey popcornmix, stupid me, of course I did not, thank you for pointing this out, I didn’t realize it was two different ZIPs because they had approximately the same size :smiley:

They look good on my Raspi 2, any possibility to randomize them?

there are a few presets that don’t seem to work, is this an issue?

They all work sometimes…

I think there are 2 that are fast enough to run full resolution (1080p) and the others render to a smaller buffer and scale up. There is currently a bug when switching from a slow to a fast visualiation you get a black screen.

Stop the music and restart and I think it will work.

I’m sure I’ll fix it soon.

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Should be fixed in latest update (v1.0.5)


Will it automatically update once I have manually installed it?

Should do. There is also a force update in the side bar of settings/addons (with confluence skin).

Will it work on helix 14.2

Isengard is just around the corner


I think it will.