External audio input visualization

Hi all. As usual first & foremost what a great forum & thanks to Sam et al for all the great work here :smile:
I have been reading with interest this thread

particularly @ you popcornmix :wink:

Will be really good to see some more visualizations back into OSMC.

My question: I am also quite old school and like to play vinyl now and then. I would love a way to output from my phono source audio into my pi and get visualizations.

I can’t see a way to do that currently? Thought I would ask here first on this very friendly family forum before getting shot down on the Kodi forum :wink: Am willing to learn some coding to make this happen for me if I haven’t missed something & it can be done already!

usb record player perhaps

I thought of suggesting that - but my device needs the appropriate drivers, so I was uncertainhow the input should be handled.

No way Toast, I love my Vinyl, I wouldn’t want to subject it to a cheapy usb record player, I spin my discs on a Technics SL 1210 and don’t want to change that! I just would like to find a way to output my analog audio into my Pi running OSMC and get visualisations for that audio :relaxed:

Cant blame a guy for trying

No blame, no shame, Toast, well good input. Just not what I need :hushed:at least you tried :grinning:

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I don’t believe Kodi supports audio input on any platform, so this is unlikely to happen until Kodi supports it.
You could try a feature request.

Cheers popcornmix, that would indeed be an obvious starting point! I did not realize that audio input was not supported Over am I to kdi forum to see what may transpire. Thanks for top of tree info

Thank you popcornmix you are now my wise sage: