Mount a specific folder via FTP

noob here, I have no problems mounting my ftp server folder, but I want to mount a specific folder and no matter what I do it always ends up in the user home folder, e.g. /home/festus… I been trying unsuccessfully to mount a specific folder and it just doesn’t seem to want to go there. I want to mount /home/festus/torrents/rtorrent/Peter for example.

Sample source.xml: ftp://user:password@<server_ip>:21/?auth=ssl/home/festus/torrents/rtorrent/Peter/

what am I doing wrong? I do use ftps if that is relevant. The end goal is just to keep from having to click/scroll to get where I want to go. Thanks


Kodi’s sources.xml doesn’t do OS level mounts. Instead you’d want to do this with fstab.

ah, thanks Sam, a simple fix sure enough

EDIT: I tried to locate info to help me figure this out but I just can’t seem to find a reliable source, can you point me in the right direction Sam? Thanks

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A quick Google popped up this info. But to be honest I am not sure if ftp is the best protocol for what you want to achieve.