Mount network folder on osmc


I have an network nas drive with called Homeserver

I want to mount the folder on osmc.

i have tried to do this

sudo mount -a //homeserver/Volume_1 /mnt/Volume_1 cifs uid=8888,gid=8888,iocharset=utf8,rw,auto,user 0 0

where is my mistake?

Thank’s in advance

You can’t mount samba shares like that unless you have smbclient installed, and they will only stay mounted until you reboot. It is better to mount them in /etc/fstab (googling mount smb share in fstab will lead you to many howtos).

Or you can just go to File Manager in OSMC click on Add Source and browse to it

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You can do it via /etc/fstab

First create a mount point:
mkdir –p /mnt/share

Then create a smb credential on you osmc home
nano /home/osmc/.smbcredentials

With these entries:

Finally in /etc/fstab
//server/share /mnt/share cifs credentials=/home/osmc/.smbcredentials,x-systemd.automount,noauto,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0