Mount.ntfs process huge cpu load on raspberry pi

Hi, i’m having an issue with the mount.ntfs process. I’m running OSMC on a raspberry pi 1. The OS is very slow and I saw that this process is taking up constantly 70/80% of CPU. I have an ntfs HDD connected to an usb 3.0 hub, problem started a couple of days ago. I updated OSMC last night to the last version.

Are you sure this only started on a recent update ?

NTFS in OSMC is a fuse file system - this means it runs in user space. The CPU use you see for mount.ntfs is this userspace processing. It’s normal for user space NTFS to be quite a lot slower (especially on a Pi 1) than other file systems.

If I may re-open the topic, I noticed some weeks ago that my pi3 was showing the temp icon, due to overheating.
The only thing I could identify as the cause is the mount.ntfs process, taking a lot of cpu %.
I have one USB HDD (ntfs) plugged.
I have some services running one of them is syncthing. But the overheating happens even when the pi is not doing anything (no syncing occuring).
As soon as I kill the mount.ntfs service, the cpu temp goes down very fast.
Any idea how I can solve the problem? Do you think this is normal? I am running the latest stable version of osmc.

Running top or htop from the command line will quickly show if mount.ntfs is the CPU hog you think it might be. You might find that something else is hitting the CPU.

Through top I could see the mount.ntfs using a lot the cpu. But I tried to stop the syncthing service: everything went back to normal…
So I believe syncthing is the faulty one.
I will search around this way now.
Thanks dillthedog for your help!