Mount using AutoFS problem

Hi, I recently upgraded my debian-based homeserver, which I user to share folders to osmc via nfs.

Prevously, I set up autofs on the OSMC, and was accessing the folders from my server. Though when I try to do it after upgrading my server, I can’t get it to work.

For the server etc/exports file:

/mnt/datadrive/zed *(ro,no_subtree_check)
/mnt/datadrive/misc *(ro,no_subtree_check)

These folders have permissons: nobody nogroup

On omsc, the auto.nfs.shares file:


For showmount:

$ showmount -e
Export list for
/mnt/datadrive/misc  *
/mnt/datadrive/zed *

And for:

~$ mountpoint /mnt/zed
/mnt/zed is a mountpoint

On the osmc terminal, when I cd to /mnt I can see the folder names (misc and zed), but I can’t cd into the folders. The permissions are indicated as: root root (is that an issue? I thought permissions are inherited from the server?)
Unsurpringly, on the OSMC interface, when ‘Browsing for new share’, I can see the misc and zed folders, but can’t select them.

I can’t figure out the problem. Any help will be appreciated.



Try adding no_root_squash to the exports.

Thanks Tom.

Figured it out after debugging with

sudo systemctl stop autofs
sudo automount -f -v -d

from the intructions here.

For some reason - that I can’t recall - I originally created files ‘auto.nfszed’ and ‘auto.nfsmisc’ which had the defunct path to the server share folders, and these was being read instead of the auto.nfs.shares.

Anyhow, fixed now.

I’ll now clearly document my steps, so next time, I’ll remember!