Mounting a FTP server

Hello everyone!

I installed OSMC to Raspberry Pi 2. I was able to set it up without issues and everything works great. I set up samba server and I can easily transfer files to raspberry. No the issue is following:

I have a TP-Link router that you can add an external HDD to as a network drive that you can connect to using FTP or samba. I tested both of the method with my windows pc and no issues there. But how do I mount this HDD to raspberry the correct way? I created a directory called /home/osmc/HDD and then I used

curlftpfs /home/osmc/HDD

If I use SSH with putty, the folder seems to mount correctly, but when I use windows explorer and navigate to the raspberry samba server, there is no folder “HDD” visible. When I use OSMC with TV remote, I can see the mounted HDD and even watch videos and listen to music from it.

What could cause the issue? Also when I use transmission installed from myosmc store, I cannot download torrents to the mounted drive. It creates the folder, but does not download any files.

I think you created a mount that can only be accessed by root and you need to use a allow_other switch for this to work how you want.

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That seems to be the issue! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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