Mounting NFS / SMB shares at boot

I’m reinstalling on RPI2 and I forgot how I used to do things on the previous system…
I need to mount automatically at boot one NFS share and one SMB share. I assume it needs to be done via fstab but I would need some help on the options to use.
I understand there are certain nuances on OSMC compared with other distros (so, for example “x-systemd.automount, noauto” on NFS).


Hi there!
Did you use the search function? This has been covered dozens of times here.
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I did but maybe didn’t have the best luck.
I saw DBMandrake mention in the “Alpha vX” thread to use the options I mentioned (“x-systemd.automount, noauto”) but also noted that it said there that things will change in the final release.

i was not able to find a definitive answer for the stable release.
I will search again …

and by dozens, I mean hundreds…



Hi there!
Thanks! :+1::laughing::point_up: