Mouse support in Live TV section

Used to using a mouse to control xbmc/kodi and just moved onto release OSMC. In the TV section there are various problems:

  1. Can’t scroll through lists of channels, recordings… (could on old system)
  2. Can’t scroll EPG either by time or channel (this was also a problem on xbmc)
  3. Can’t click on timeline when watching a recording to jump to that position
  4. Can’t find a way of stopping an radio (live or recording) playing except by selecting TV to play and then stopping that
  5. When screen is showing list of (6) channels or recordings, hovering the mouse within items 3,4,5, around the space to the left of the description, causes text like Search, Options, More… to be displayed on top of the existing text! Moving the mouse slightly changes which item is hilited, but clicking just invoke the option underneath (ie select channel or recording)

I agree that there are problems with using a mouse in concert with the default OSMC skin. Using a remote gets round these - because that was what the skin was designed for.
If you want to use a mouse, install the Confluence skin (from settings ->appearance) or a similar (not my area of knowledge).

Thanks - I’ve changed to the confluence skin.
The [My] OSMC [Settings] is a bit inconsistent - Pi Config, Log uploaded and Updates appear with an interface consistent with the skin, however the main menu, Services, Overclock, AppStore, Networks and Remotes appear identical to the way they operate with the OSMC skin and so are not mouse friendly - It looks like they weren’t programmed through the standard KODI methods.