Move setup from RPi3 and Kodi 18 to Rpi4 with Kodi 19.1

Hello. I currently run OSMC (nov 2020 with Kodi 18) on a RPi3, all running well. I have purchased a RPi4 and would like to move on to OSMC Aug 2021 / Kodi 19.1. I would like to preserve my library (watched / played status).
I’d just like to double check my intended upgrade process:

  1. Make a fresh install of the latest OSMC on the RPi4.
  2. On the RPi3, through SSH run systemctl stop mediacenter
  3. Copy my /home/osmc/.kodi from the old RPi3 to the new RPi4
  4. Start the new RPi4, and all I would have to do is check for missing / removed addons.

Anything I am missing here?

Well Kodi would need to migrate your databases to the new schema but that should happen automatically

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Thanks. Should the first step be to upgrade the current RPi3 to Kodi 19.1, using OSMC’s automatic update process?

Well your choice but that might be the better approach

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Thank you