Moved from OSMC to Libreelec last year for 4K. Time to move back? (PI4)

Hi all!

I hope you don’t mind slightly tech illiterate questions in here. I’m out of the loop on a lot of this stuff.

I’ll try and keep it as brief as possible.

Around a year or so ago I had to move from OSMC on the Raspberry Pi 4 to Libreelec, as OSMC didn’t support 4K playback and I had just got a 4K TV.

I haven’t been happy with Libreelec, it’s always felt very buggy in comparison to OSMC, which the only issue I had with that was that it would never update automatically.

I want to move back to OSMC, I’ve gone through the blog posts and from what I’ve seen (and half understood), OSMC should be at least on par with Libreelec for 4K playback at the moment.

It’s a big task for me to do this, as I’ll go with a fresh memory card and I have a load of bash scripts etc to move across.

I was hoping someone could advise if this is the right time to do this?

Sorry it this is a repeat, I did have a look around the forums and couldn’t find a straight, recent answer.

Thanks for your time.

We’ve supported 4K, HDR playback on OSMC since 2017, but not on Raspberry Pi as the hardware was limited.

Try it. I am sure you can do a basic install and see before transferring everything over.

We use the same upstream code base as LE. Just keep in mind that Pi 4 and the new video stack is still an experimental platform for both distributions.

We will always prompt for your consent to update OSMC. It is possible to enable automatic updates, but we don’t make this available via the user interface for good reason.

We do check for updates regularly by default, but it’s your choice whether to accept.