Movie and TV Show menu's are gone


I’m new to OSMC and Raspberry Pi’s in general - so that might be part of the problem, however I’m experiencing the following issues:

  • I can’t see the Movies menu option
  • I can’t see the TV Shows menu option

My assumption was that, because the directories linked to these menu’s are empty, the menu item’s didn’t show. So, i FTP’d into the Raspberry Pi, and copied a movie (with a correctly formatted filename) into the Movies folder on the Rasperry Pi - still no luck.

  • Movie / TV Show artwork is not showing up when I access my movies and tv shows through the Video menu structure.

I guess my question is - how should I be using OSMC? Should I be trying to “point” the Movies and TV Show menu items at my attached hard drive which stores my movies and tv shows - if so, how do I do this.

I really just want to get things set up so that I can see all of the associated movie artwork and metadata (synopsis, reviews, rating etc).

If you are new to Kodi also, then I’d suggest that you read this: Kodi Wiki Video Library

Hi @bmillham, thanks for posting that link - not sure why I couldn’t find it earlier - but it was very helpful, turns out all I needed todo was to “Set Content” on my chosen “Movies” and “TV Shows” directories. Thanks!

Cool, glad to know that you are up and running!