Movie and TV shows cover arts

Hi there,

I saw some really cool screenshots of OSMC where I can see the covers for TV shows and Movies. Is this a OSMC native feature or I need to add a plugin? Do I need to download the cover art for each movie/tv show or I can use IMDB and TVDB?


That’s the Amber Skin. You can install it from the System/Add-ons/Install from repository/Skins area.

Thanks! I just figured out that when I added my Movies and TV Shows folder I didn’t import them as Movies and TV Shows folder, respectively. Now I can see the cover arts.

But now I have other problems. Some of the TV Shows episodes are not showing.

I have four TV Shows. All of them have cover art, but I can only see the episodes of two of them. When I access the other two nothing is showed.

When I access the files through Videos/Files/TV Shows (a symb link to my external HDD) I can see all TV Shows and navigate to the files and watch them. Two of them (the ones not shown) have white circles near the name. The other ones that I cannot see in the library have a white circle near name. I think this circle and the fact these shows don’t appear in the library are related.

The white circles indicate the un-watched status (this can be turned off in the skin settings). If the episode had been watched then the white circle changes to a circle with a check mark inside. the issue is not related to the white circles but rather likely it is a problem with the two shows not being recognized by the scraper. If you can navigate to those shows and watch them via Files/TV Shows then it would seem most likely a scanning issue. You could try hitting the information button or ‘i’ on your keyboard (no quotes) while in the Files/TV Shows list while highlighting the folder for each show and then see if it comes up with an error message to try to track down where things are going wrong.

Also check the naming of the episodes in those shows. If they are not named correctly (see the Kodi Wiki) they will not get properly scraped and won’t appear in your library.

Hope that helps.