Movie closes after a few minutes

Vero 4k unable to play multiple movies extension from .avi to .mkv. Movie file works with other software (kodi) but shuts down if played via Vero
below are the logs

What is the media information of some sample files?

Disabling hardware acceleration when playing the files will most likely help.

If they used to be avi the Bitrate is low enough that there won’t be any issues.

Just remember to turn hardware acceleration back on afterwards

these files cannot be detected by Vero

below files played for 2 mins before screen went back to main menu

For these files you can try to disable HW Accelaration that should be fine.

For this files I suggest to check your network as your log files show
unix_err:'65' error : 'Network is unreachable

Check the stability and throughput of your Vero to NAS connection with iperf3.

Would be interesting to hear what NAS this is.

You can also try

Settings → Services → SMB Client → Mitigate MTU issues with SMBv2

in case this is a legacy NAS device which doesn’t provide support for SMBv3 and higher protocols.


I’m connected to Synology. Your suggestion worked, Thank you!

If you have a Synology NAS, verify you’ve activated SMBv3 like

This is the better solution than to activate the workaround within the mediacenter.