Movie Favorites


Running on Vero 4K and wondering if I have missed this…

Is there a way to mark movies as “favourites” and then be able to view all movies marked as a favourite?



It’s a Kodi function, and it’s pretty easy to mark favorites, but then you have to get them displayed where you want them.

Google for “kodi favorites” and you’ll see a lot of how-to’s.

OK thanks

Anyone got any suggestions for a nice stable add-on that will do this?

I’m not sure why you need an add-on. Use the context menu button to mark the film as a favorite and viola… Find them in the favorites menu.

Interesting; I don’t seem to have a favourites menu :confused: Which I was expecting, hence I thought I was asking a silly question and had missed something.

You may have to create it on the OSMC skin? Check in interface menu for skin settings. You should be able to add a favorites section to the main menu. Or, on estuary skin, the star icon is your favorites.