Movie playing with incorrect aspect ratio

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I was wondering if I could get some help with some movies that are playing with the wrong aspect ratio (4:3 when they should be 16:9).

The mediainfo for an example file is here:
As you can see in the mediainfo information, the aspect ratio is correctly defined as 16:9. The width and height are 720x576 which is standard resolution for DVD PAL. I have DVD rips with this resolution that display/play fine.

Debug logs when playing the above file are here:

Thanks in advance.

Drag it into mkvtoolnix gui on a pc, select the video track, select the aspect ratio over on the right, then click the start multiplexing button. Whatever the issue, that will most likely fix it.

Do note that you can adjust it while it is playing and as long as you don’t hit the ‘set as default’ option then it remembers the setting for only that video. Also note that if you had ever adjusted the aspect setting for a library item Kodi remembers it for that item and will not prefer new settings from a file if it is tweaked.

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Thank you @darwindesign!
Your solution with mkvtoolnix has fixed it.

Much appreciated :grinning:

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