Movie Set Artwork Not Displaying (Vero 4K+, v19.1)

Movie sets are stored along with my film library on a NAS (LAN) with the following structure (created by Tiny Media Manager):

… etc

The path to movie_sets is configured in Settings …/Movie set information folder (video). All movie set directories have valid poster and fanart images, but Kodi is not picking up the images for at least 30% of the sets.

I can’t figure out what’s driving where Kodi pulls the images from or why so many are failing. The sets that are failing to show posters do correctly display the films that are members of the set.

I believe the path to the movie set folder is correct because I have several set posters that I personally made that are only located in the movie_sets/… subfolder and Kodi is displaying those.

To compile sets, does Kodi crawl the movie_sets directory independently of the individual films? What data does Kodi use to compile set lists? And what drives where images are pulled from?

Pretty sure this is a Kodi thing and not a Vero thing:

This is why I’m waiting to update my Vero to 19, not 100% what I need to save or export so that i don’t have to manually create all my sets artwork again after the update

Wasn’t working for me either. There is a fork of artwork beef on Reddit that I’m using and movie set artwork automator was updated to work with matrix. Can find that one on Kodi forum.

Thanks. At least I know it’s not me.
I can’t tell you how much time I"ve spent trying to troubleshoot this issue before posting!

Mine is not working either. Have all my movie set artwork in folder already from Tiny Media Manager. With your solution do I need Artwork Beef and Artwork Automator or just Artwork Automator?

dont need artwork beef

If your using TMM then make sure that Kodi’s preferences are set to use the same movie set artwork folder as what is set in TMM. Additionally if any of the movies in the set have already been scraped into Kodi they need to be removed, as well as the movie set in order for the new information stored in the NFO files to be imported. The easiest way to do this is to plug in a keyboard (or keymap to your remote), highlight the set in the library or widget, then press delete. This will then ask for confirmation for removing each movie and then it removes the set itself. Use caution here if you have the ‘allow deletion’ option enabled in Kodi. Once that is done and you update the library the first movie in a set that gets scraped it will pull the metadata from the nfo and artwork from the folder set in Kodi’s preferences. All other movies scrapped after that will get added to the set but they will not affect the art or plot of the set. The only way to update the metadata for the set is manually by context menu on the set, or by removing the set and all its movies from the library and then scraping again.

I’m running into this same issue and struggling to find a solution. Also using TMM, and the movie set artwork defaults to saving within each movie’s folder.

On my other kodi boxes, I setup my sources in kodi exactly as I have them set in OSMC and all my movie set artwork loads up. For some reason, OSMC only grabs some of the movie sets. It’s a fresh install so everything’s freshly loaded. More frustratingly, the OSMC interface won’t let me point to any non local device folders to manually pick the art. I navigate to SMB: and I just get a blank page.

I’m not sure Kodi supports that. I would recommend making a folder on your network share outside of your existing source folders and change the preference in TMM to save in this location. I’m not sure but you may have to select the movies that have sets and right click and tell it to rewrite the nfo files.

If these are installs that started before Kodi v19 movie sets worked a bit different then as Kodi didn’t have support for local movie set information so it was just scrapped from online regardless. Maybe what is going on is that your nfo file has the movie set name but without the centralized local information folder Kodi isn’t trying to grab the set information online. I suppose the way to test this would be to navigate to a movie set and tell it to delete. Select yes to allow it to remove every movie in the set as well the set itself. You can then remove the nfo files for the movies in question an tell it to scrape. If the information all show up correctly then you know there is an issue with your nfo files somehow. Unfortunately Kodi at present lacks the ability to simply refresh a movie set ignoring local metadata so you have to remove everything from the library add it fresh.

I remember running into this at some point but I don’t fully remember how I resolved it. I’m thinking that I may have added my movie set information folder as a location in the file manager in settings and then was able to use that to select it in the other settings page (the sources for file manager are independent of the video source locations). If that wasn’t it then I would probably have just manually typed in the path (if it allows for that) or else manually added it to guisettings.xml via ssh and…

systemctl stop mediacenter
nano ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

The line in question on mine is…

<setting id="videolibrary.moviesetsfolder">smb://</setting>

Then ctrl x, y, and then enter to save and close. And then restart Kodi with…
systemctl start mediacenter

Yup. Older kodi builds. Think you nailed it. Looks like I have some work to do! Yeah for whatever reason OSMC isn’t giving me the option to type in a folder path, so I’ll give some of your other suggestions a try. Thanks.

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