Movie Set inbuilt editor in kodi

Does the version of Kodi run on OSMC (Vero4k+) include the inbuilt Movie Set Editor?

I can’t find it via following the instructions at the above link. The context menu for a movie does not include this option.

I’d like to ‘force’ certain movies into a Set (collection under one ‘icon’ on the menu).

Maybe the skin your running doesn’t have the option. Have you tried it using the Estuary skin? It shows up on mine. That being said that is a bit of a painful way of doing it. Personally I would much prefer to use Tiny Media Manager to create the collections. Do note that if you use the TMM option then you will need to remove and re-scan, or else refresh the movies before they will move into a collection. Also if you edit a collections metadata externally and want the changes reflected then you have to delete from Kodi’s library the movies and the collection itself as it only uses the information provided from the first time it is added from the first movie that is set to that collection. Kodi does not currently have any automatic way to update plot or artwork for collections.

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It’s not a skin dependent option… The context menu is populated by Kodi alone. On my test setup it’s showing up without issues using the OSMC Skin.

Dumb question, but how does one pull up the aforementioned context menu?

I have the Vero 4k+ with it’s small remote, with its 9 buttons labelled with icons.

I have tried highlighting the movie, then pressing
… the " i " button, (upper right)
… the button that looks like 3 items from a bulleted list (middle right)

Thanks for the tip about Tiny Media Manager. Is that this:

I believe, you open it by long-pressing the three line button… If you have a keyboard connected, press c.

I did not know about “long press” vs. “normal”, on this remote. It does bring up two different menus, and I can get to the inbuilt Movie Set Editor.


Thank you!

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That’s the one. I personally find it much less painful to tweak my metadata on a PC with a keyboard and a mouse. There is a bit of a learning curve and the free version isn’t getting new features anymore, but it makes customizations like this pretty quick and easy once you’ve figured it out.

Note, other than tinymediamanager, (which has gone to a subscription model for the current version) there is also mediaelch Welcome to MediaElch’s documentation! — MediaElch 2.10.0 documentation which has some other features (such as also handling music libraries) And several windows-only programs whose names I don’t recall if you are in to that sort of thing.

Plus, you can use heavy hitters such as Emby (which you can either configure to save it’s metadata into .nfo files that kodi can then read, or you can hook kodi up directly to the emby DB via plugins).