Movie Sets not working

I have a two Vero’s, the one in my living room, i have 2 profiles, MAIN/Master, and a 4K profiles (points only 2 folders with 4K content). Al settings the same (except sources), the profile for the 4K folders won’t show movies in movie sets, (setting is set to ON).

Any idea ?

What is the scraping source? Have you tried removing all movies that are suppose to be in a set and then updating the library again?

Python Movie Scraper (standard kodi), no not tried removing yet.

Can you clarify the issue a bit more. When you say “won’t show movies in movie sets” are you talking in the regular library view or also when you go to the movie set widget the list is empty or ??? What skin are you using?

Estuary skin, removing folder from library, clean library, add folder to library did the trick.

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