Movie sets

Hi there,

I have spent a lot of time trying to solve this issue by myself without any success…
Here it is:

  1. I have the following movieset information in my movie.nfo files:

    James Bond - Saga

  2. I have the following arts:

Those files are never taken into account.
I really cannot understand how movie sets are managed:
It seems that a directory could be used to store those files.
But I cannot find out where to share the location of this directory with Kodi.

Help will be very appreciated!

I believe until they add the new movie set information folder, which I believe will only be released with Kodi v19, you cannot automatically pick up local art for the movie set. You would have to go to each movie set individually, context menu, manage, choose art.

This is a good companion tool for kodi it will help you do what you want :slight_smile: